Guests are currently organized by the month they appeared, so the most recent guests are listed first.

Last updated: October 17, 2015

July 2013

Carissa Andrews (Cover Reveal)

June 2013

Gabrielle Pendergast (Cover Reveal)

May 2013

Amy Butler Greenfield (Blog Tour + Spotlight)
Christian Schoon (Guest Post)
Dan Krokos (Intervew)

April 2013

Clare C. Marshall (Cover Reveal)
Kat H. Clayton (Blog Tour + Review)
Samantha Durante (Cover Reveal)
Karen Ann Hopkins (Guest Post)

March 2013

Sarra Cannon (Cover Reveal)
Salimi Korri (Blog Tour + Excerpt)
Victoria Lamb (Award Announcement)
Bethany Lopez (Cover Reveal)

February 2013

Lisa M. Basso (Author Interview)
Laura Lam (Guest Post)
Laury Falter (Excerpt)
Imran Siddiq (Excerpt)
Laurie Boyle Crompton (Artwork)

January 2013

Cameron Jace (Excerpt)
Frankie Rose (Cover Reveal)
Resa Nelson (Guest Post)
J.A. Souders (Author Interview)
Cecelia Robert (Excerpt)
Susan Kaye Quinn (Trailer Reveal)
Kimberly Krey (Guest Post)
Cal Armistead (Author Interview)
Suzanne Van Rooyen (Character Interview)
Caroline Stellings (Author Interview)

December 2012

Miranda Kavi (Book Blast)
Ambling Books (Infographic)
Ada Adams (Guest Post)
J.K. Ensley (Book Blast)
Giveaway Blast (Multiple Authors Giveaway)
Astrid Yrigollen (Blog Tour: Review)
Julie Reece (Guest Post)
Michelle Madow (Blog Tour: Interview)
Michelle Madow (Promotion)

November 2012

Brooke Passmore (Promo/Review Copies)
Michelle Davidson Argyle (Cover Reveal)
Terah Edun (Author Interview) 
Amy McNamara (Author Interview) 
Jennifer L. Fry (Blog Tour: Book Review)
Nyrae Dawn (Interview) 
Rhiannon Frater and Cody Boye (Cover Reveal)
Rhiannon Paille (Cover Reveal)

October 2012

Rhiannon Paille (New Cover Reveal)
Tenaya Jayne (Cover Reveal)
Mindy Hardwick (Cover Reveal)
Linda Kage (Guest Post) 
Derrolyn Anderson (Author Interview)
C.A. Kunz (Release Day Blitz)
Samantha Durante (Tour: Spotlight/Excerpt)
Tenaya Jayne (Excerpt)
Sarah Dalton (Author Interview) 

September 2012

Stephanie Parent (Author Interview)
Sheryl Steines (Tour: Excerpt)
Devon Ashley (Tour: Book Review)
Emma Meade (Cover Reveal)
Devon Ashley (Tour: Excerpt)
Emma Meade (Tour: Review + Excerpt)
Michelle Madow (Trailer Reveal)

August 2012

C.J. Valles (Author Interview)
Resa Nelson (Author Interview)
Kevin McGill (Tour: Book Review)
Lorijo Metz (Author Interview)
Lee Strauss (Cover Reveal + Excerpt)
Gretchen McNeil (Author Interview)
C.A. Kunz (Cover Reveal)
Liz DeJesus (Tour: Excerpt)

July 2012

Victoria Lamb (Author Interview)
Jackson Keene (Author Interview)

June 2012

Deborah Cooke (Tour: Author Interview)
Cindi Madsen (Cover Reveal + Excerpt)
Elana Johnson (as Jag Barque) (Tour: Character Interview)

May 2012

Lisa Burstein (Tour: Author Interview)
Beth Neff (Author Interview)Michelle Muto (Author Interview)
Shannon Greenland (Tour: Book Review)

April 2012

Marissa Meyer (Author Interview)
Martha Bourke (Recipe - Amaranth Cookies)
Cheryl Rainfield (Tour: Book Review)
Jodi Meadows (Author Interview)
Kevin McGill (Space Launch)

February 2012

Augusta Blythe (Excerpt)
Tony Graff (Author Interview)

January 2012

Tara Altebrando (Guest Post)
Megan Bostic (Author Interview)
Lena Coakley (Guest Post)
Jennifer Shaw Wolf (Author Interview)
Nick James (Guest Post)
Mary G. Thompson (Author Interview)
Mike Mullin (Guest Post)
Sophie Jordan (Guest Post)
Catherine Knutsson (Author Interview)
Deborah Cooke (Guest Post)

December 2011

Courtney Cole (Tour: Guest Post)

November 2011

Rhiannon Paille (Tour: Book Review)
Cesya MaRae Cuono (Cover Reveal)
Miranda Kenneally (Author Interview)
S.R. Johannes (Excerpt)

October 2011

Laura A. H. Elliot (Author Interview)
E.J. Stevens (Author Interview)

September 2011

Lena Coakley (Tour: Excerpt)
Rhiannon Paille (Author Interview)
Tara Altebrando (as Babette) (Character Interview)

August 2011

Leah Cypess (Author Interview)
Cesya MaRae Cuono (as Callie) (Tour: Character Interview)

July 2011

Bryan Cohen (Guest Post)
Kate Fuentes (Author Interview)
Jenna Lynne-Duncan (Author Interview)