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Review: Peregrine Harker & the Black Death by Luke Hollands

Peregrine Harker & The Black Death by Luke Hollands

Sparkling Books, Ltd., 2013



Peregrine Harker is about to learn you're never too young to die.

London 1908: A secret society stalks the murky streets, a deadly assassin lurks in the shadows and a series of unexplained deaths are linked by a mystery symbol…

When boy-detective Peregrine Harker stumbles across a gruesome murder he sparks a chain of events that drag him on a rip-roaring journey through a world of spluttering gas lamps, thick fog, deadly secrets and dastardly villains.

Every step of Peregrine’s white-knuckle adventure brings him closer to the vile heart of a terrifying mystery – the true story behind the Brotherhood of the Black Death.

My thoughts:

Peregrine Harker & The Black Death is a story of a young man who gets himself in the middle of a conspiracy. Unfortunately, the newspaper man he works for has given him his last shot at a story. No more adventure tales in his reports. Just the facts. So when crazy things start to happen when he goes to the scene of his new assignment, Peregrine must figure out who's behind it and find proof that his story is real.

The thing I liked about this book were the characters. Peregrine seems like the kind of guy who is full of crazy day dreams and ready for adventure. I would love to be his friend and just sit around hearing him tell his tales. Peregrine's cousin who helps him out a few times was also one of my favourites. The other thing I liked was how packed with action the story was. It was fast paced and given the short length of the book made it an easy read that went by very quickly.

Ultimately I felt though I enjoyed the story and the characters, there just wasn't enough at stake for Peregrine on this particular adventure. There were several times I thought the bad guy would get him but that just doesn't happen. Any time Peregrine is in danger, someone sweeps in to save the day. So there is no real possibility of danger and no  dramatic or creative scenes dealing with enemy territory. I am a big fan of the underdog story but I felt the author made it way too easy for him and thus made it a little too predictable. 

My rating:

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