Monday, June 3, 2013

Recent Favourites: Mini Reviews and Recommendations

Hello there! I haven't been able to blog as regularly as I used to and still haven't found a replacement for WOW (any suggestions?) so I thought this would be a fun post to put together. Here are some of my favourite things from my world of books from the last month or so.


My favourite books this month:

Playing Hurt by Holly Schindler
Flux, 2011

Playing Hurt is the intertwined stories of Chelsea and Clint, two former school sports stars who come together one summer for two weeks of intense "training". They heal each other and fall in love. A well written and engaging story. This is exactly what I want the New Adult genre to be like. 4/5 stars.

Plain Kate by Erin Bow
Scholastic, 2010

This high fantasy is densely packed with world building and magic. It is so easy to fall in love with Plain Kate and cheer her on as she discovers how to get her shadow back, find family in unexpected places and friendship in the strangest beings. 4/5 stars.

It's Kind of A Funny Story by Ned Vizzini
Miramax, 2006

Craig Gilner wants to kill himself but instead calls Suicide Hotline which compells him to go to the hospital. He ends up in an adult psychiatric treatment ward and learns to cope with life again. This was a very emotional read but I connected with Craig so deeply and found this to be a compelling read I did not want to put down. 5/5 stars.


Watch these YouTube videos from awesome BookTubers!

I have noticed a lot of responses on the original Girls on YouTube video. I really like Books and Quills take on the issue. How we use YouTube effects our view of it as a whole.

Jason's points on why we don't have to feel guilty over our unread books. Pretty much one of my favourite videos EVER!

This video. Is. So. Funny. Watch it.

What are some of YOUR recent favourites?

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