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Blog Tour Excerpt + Giveaway: Midnight by Salimi Korri

Welcome to my stop on the Midnight Blog Tour! I have an excerpt and giveaway to share with you below. Enjoy!

Midnight by Salima Korri

Medina Milford is bored. 
At first she was the good kid but now she is fed up of being alone without a mother or father in the world and is turning in to the school prankster. She's pretty, popular and she rules her school. She's not a high school mean girl, but she's respected.
Now things are going to get even more exciting and maybe even scary for Medina, when Eric, a handsome and cheeky seventeen year old, joins Gwendolyn Academy and strange things begin to happen. 
She meets the dangerous and beautiful twins Isadora and Rosina, the intelligent but wild Olivia, Benjamin dark and jealous and Eric, Mysterious.
As a group of new arrivals join her in the halls she becomes suspicious of their behavior. What do all of them have in common? What secrets are they hiding and what happens at Midnight? 
As she gets to know them better, Medina finds she is at the centre of a world she never knew existed. It unleashes a side to her that she will have to learn to control if she wants to find her happily ever after by midnight.
The Supernatural Forces are about to get stronger with Medina around and thus begins a battle between the supernatural beings and a monster that threatens the welfare of everyone.
Magic, mystery, romance and supernatural creatures.

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 “So, where do you come from Eric?” I ask curiously relaxing in my chair and taking the time to avoid any more boring classes.

He pulls up a chair from the side and sits down next to me. “I come from Earth!” He grins.

I roll my eyes. “Not funny. Where did you go before Gwendolyn?” I clarify.

“I didn’t go to school.” He replies gazing in to my deep sea blue eyes.

I pull back my dark black hair and tie it with a pink elastic band making my bangs fall to the side to avert my eyes from his beautiful gaze. “So you were home schooled then?” I say.

“No. I had a job.” He replies and stares at the floor.

Eric is somewhat mysterious. It seems as though he has so many secrets hiding under that beautiful face of his which makes me want to know them.

“Which was?” I frown.

“I had to study you.” He whispers.

“What was that?” I say shocked.

“Now I’m with you. My research will almost be complete and you will help us.” His lips curl in to a smile then suddenly the door slams open.

I whiz my head around and I recognise one of the new kids that transferred in to my class the day before. I think it is Benjamin, a tall and well built boy of about seventeen like me. He has short black curly hair, green eyes like Eric’s and he gives a sort of dark vibe around him especially with his angry looking face.

He is panting as though he has just been running and he enters the room and without even glancing at me approaches Eric, “What do you think you’re doing?” He says aggressively.

“I’m helping her stop her nose from bleeding.” Eric says getting up.

“No, you were going to tell her. . .” He trails off.

“So what if I did?” Eric challenges him.

Benjamin corners Eric to the wall and speaks in his face, “So what? Do you remember what you’re meant to do? We haven’t even finished studying her!” He shouts.

I feel that I’m the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on, “Guys, no need to fight. Wait, you know each other?” I say and try to pull Benjamin away from Eric.

But then he pushes me back and I fall to the ground. “What the . . .?” I say confused and I feel stung by the way he has quickly brushed me off. I’m so mad now that I can’t hold back. I pull myself up and punch Benjamin’s face which sends him flying across the room.

That ought to put him back in his place!

Eric’s eyes widen and his face is a mixture of shock and surprise. Benjamin pulls his feet together and comes towards my direction. He grabs my arm and pulls me out of the Nurse’s Office and in to the corridor.

“Let go!” I yell.

“You’re the reason we are here!” He shouts.

Eric runs towards us and pushes Benjamin off me. “Leave her alone!” He says.

Benjamin gets a hold of Eric’s shirt and threatens him “Don’t tell me what to do!”

He then aims a punch but then Eric kicks Benjamin and then a whole scene of fighting is happening. My heart is racing fast and I don’t know what to do. I feel really bad and just want everything to stop; the punching, the kicking, the insults and the threatening. They are fighting because of me? I’m the cause of this? Why? What had I done to make Benjamin so mad? He just transferred the day before, yet he knew Eric and me. They are both involved in something. I don’t even know any of them.

My eyes are welling up. My hands are in fists and suddenly I can’t take it anymore. I scream at the top of my voice as my tears run down my cheeks, “Stop!” I cry.

I scream with such great force that the ground and the whole building shake with great violence and the fire alarm is going off and I can hear students suddenly shouting.

Eric and Benjamin stop fighting and are struggling to keep on their feet as they wobble on the ground.Books fall from their shelves, windows are shattering and the furniture is being tipped over. Even cracks are forming in the ground.

What is this force I’m producing? How can I possibly have all this energy locked up inside of me then let it escape like this? Is this magic? Is it even I who is making such a disaster? What is this strange feeling of power? Too many questions are zooming in my mind right now and I keep on screaming and crying.

Benjamin looks alarmed and immediately drags his feet towards me making sure not to fall down. He reaches his hand and covers my mouth with his hand.

The building stops shaking and I can’t help but cry as tears roll down my cheeks. Eric comes over and just stares at me speechless.

“Why did she do that in public?” Benjamin whispers.

Eric nods and then cradles me in his arms. “It’s all over. Please stop crying.” He soothes.

Again, Benjamin begins to fire up with rage. “It’s not alright! You have to control yourself Medina! That’s the first rule you’re meant to know!” He barks in my ears.

I stop crying and turn to him. I look at him and give him another hard punch in his stomach. “What are you talking about? I don’t know you! I don’t know what’s going on but both of you seem to know everything about me!” I storm past them and run outside.

I make my way to the garden and decide to skip third lesson. I need to figure this out. I need to figure out who I am. I pace around and mutter curses to myself. I then take a deep breath and suck in all the fresh air.

About the author:

Salima Korri grew up in London and has been writing since the age of twelve. She likes to watch plenty of films and tv shows and to read many historical fiction, dystopian and paranormal fantasy as well as writing all the ideas that come out of her head and to write it in to a story.


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