Monday, November 12, 2012

Book in Review: The Green by Karly Kirkpatrick

The Green by Karly Kirkpatrick
Published by Darkside Publishing

Seventeen-year-old Ariceli Pisa is a senior at the prestigious Cambridge High School and has her sights set on Northwestern University. She's a cheerleader, a member of the National Honor Society, and a drug dealer.

That’s the secret she has to keep from her best friend Naomi, in addition to the fact that she’s madly in love with Naomi’s ex-boyfriend.

Trying to balance her life at Cambridge High with her new demanding job keeps her teetering on the edge of disaster

Why I Read This:

It was a story that I'd never seen done before and wanted to know how it would play out.


I read this book earlier in the year, but unfortunately hadn't had the chance to review it until now. The Green is the story of a high school student who goes to a private school. Her family isn't rich but they believe in her so much they sacrifice everything to give her this opportunity.

When her brother, a drug dealer has to skip town, she finds out he was the one paying for most of what they had. With him gone, they have barely enough to keep it together, nevermind her thoughts of college once she graduates.

And so begins Ariceli's journey into drug dealing.

This was a pretty fascinating story. It's a scary thing to think about when you are younger - how you are going to pay for university. On top of that Ariceli had her own high school tuition to worry about too. The fact that she decided to become a drug dealer didn't say much about her character in this particular moment of time, but I can see this type of thing happening even with the nicest person so I could also see that she may have done something different if given the chance. It's something that she got a lot of money for and didn't have to sacrifice too much of her time for.

This was a well written story, I just didn't feel too much of a connection to the main character. I also didn't like her best friend. Even Ariceli didn't seem to like her best friend, which kind of made me wonder what the point of having her around was.

It was a very unique story, something I'd never read about before. I wished it had more of an impact on me, but a good read anyways.

My Rating:

Disclaimer: I received a free ecopy from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

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