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Blog Tour Book Review: A Part to Play by Jennifer L. Fry

Welcome to the A Part to Play Blog Tour. I read A Part to Play last month and loved it. I'm here today to share a review with you. At the end there is a book trailer, and I've linked to the blog tour schedule so you can follow along or go back and read the previous posts in the tour. Enjoy!

A Part to Play by Jennifer L. Fry
Published by Rogue Phoenix Press, 2012

When fifteen-year-old actress Lucy Carter loses her older sister in a car accident, her mother shuts down and her father can’t hold the family together. Their only choice is to ship Lucy off to the Edmond School for Performing Arts. But boarding school is no cure for Lucy’s grief. With failing grades, wooden stage performances, and curfew violations, Lucy is threatened with expulsion. For the once talented Lucy, it feels as though she has nowhere to turn.

One night, Lucy hears mysterious music drifting through the school’s old heating system. The music leads her to a troubled but passionate songwriter whose brilliance gives her the strength to perform like never before. Yet their intense relationship puts Lucy in a precarious position: if she follows her muse, will she lose herself? And if she breaks it off, can she stand on her own again?

Why I Read This:

Music + mysterious guy


Lucy is haunted by the death of her sister and by her family which has fallen apart since. She believes her mother doesn't want her anymore and that her father sent her away so they could go on with life without her. Despite the fact that she is sent away to a prestigious arts school she had begged to go to the previous year, she can't seem to get past the sadness in her heart and the loneliness in her gut.

When she hears mysterious music coming from her vents one night and begins to heal from it's beauty, she decides to search out it's origins. Eventually she finds the person responsible for it, but not after a long search and even some thoughts that perhaps it's a ghost haunting her.

Lucy meets Chris, a pianist who welcomes her into his world and encourages her to pursue her acting despite the fears in her heart and the school mates who've been taunting her.

This was a very beautiful story. I was swept away by the music and taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Despite the fact that A Part to Play was a contemporary read I felt there was something very magical and very special about it.

I think what sets this story apart from other contemporaries is the role that music plays for both the main characters. For Lucy, it is very healing. This is very aparant in the first half of the story before she even meets Chris. The music is just there, allowing her to dwell in it and be swept away. For Chris, it's very much a way for him to prove something to himself.

I enjoyed the other arts aspects as well. The acting classes were interesting for me to read about and the animosity between the students who were all going for the same roles made for the kind of drama that is more on the fun side, although definitely frustrating for the characters to go through.

In the end, Lucy grows a lot, builds her world again, and learns to feel loved despite her fears that she's not worthy. Unfortunately it's not before some really bad things go down between her and Chris.

Overall, an excellent book. If you like music or the arts, you will love this one!

My Rating:

Disclaimer: I received a free e-copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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About the author:

Jennifer L. Fry is a writer, artist, and teacher in Marin County, California, where she lives with her wonderful husband, two adorable dogs, and orange tabby cat. Though she has been writing since she was young, A Part to Play is her first novel.

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  1. Thank you to One a Day YA for hosting a review on my novel today. I'm so glad you enjoyed the important role music played in the story, because as I wrote it, I felt the music was a character in itself.

    One of my favorite bands of all time is Jimmy Eat World. They are well known for a song called the "The Middle", but their other work is so much more amazing. Check out "23" and "The Kill" - these songs were inspirational as I wrote my novel.

    Blog readers: What band is incredibly meaningful to you?

  2. I have to admit that it was all about The White Stripes in high school. In fact it's still all about anything that Jack White touches!

  3. Jack White is a musical genius! Did you see 'It Might Get Loud'? I was in awe.

  4. For me, in highschool, it was the Wallflowers. Ahh..that brings back memories.

    1. Same here for me and the Wallflowers. I adored 6th avenue heartache - it was my rejection song.

  5. I hadn't heard of this one before, but it sounds interesting. I do love me some contemporaries, so I'll have to add this one to my TBR list! Glad you enjoyed it. =)

    re: meaningful band, I would have 2 answers. One would be McFly, because I love how fun their music is (and yet they have deeper stuff as well), but also because I've been a fan so long, and it's something that bonds a friend and I together. The other would be Mumford & Sons whose 1st album, to me, is the most perfect album in existence. I don't think I've heard another album that makes me feel as deeply as that one does.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Ashley! I never got too into Mumford and Sons - the radio murdered Little Lion Man - but your comment has me wanting to take another look.