Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Discussion: Books I just HAD to buy (but haven't read yet)

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I follow several bloggers who host weekly or monthly discussions for readers/bloggers and I like to join in when I feel I have something to say. Find great topics at Misty's Book Chat, Amber's Saturday Discussion, Melissa's Let's Talk, and TBTB's Top Ten Tuesday.

This week I'm participating in Top Ten Tuesday and the theme is...Top Ten REWIND. Which means I get to pick any previous Top Ten Tuesday topic to discuss. And I've chosen...
Books I Just HAD To Buy... But Are Still Sitting On My Bookshelf

These are all the books on my shelf that stood out to me, the ones I was the most excited about getting my hands on when I bought them.

All of these books I just HAD to buy. I paid full price for them at the bookstore and even pre-ordered some of them (I'm looking at you, Between, Crossed, and Shadows!) but I still haven't read any of them. Here's to getting back to my personal TBR pile sometime soon :D

What books did you just HAVE to buy but haven't read yet?


  1. Oh, you MUST read The Scorpio Races! It has a slow start, but it is just so magical and lovely. The setting is so evocative, and I absolutely fell in love with the main characters.

    The Truth About Forever is actually my favourite Sarah Dessen (although it's hard to pick just one), so I also recommend you check that one out soon. =)

    One book that has been sitting on my shelf for a long time is the 3rd Maze Runner book... I pre-ordered it and everything, but I wanted to re-read the first two books before I dug into it. And that STILL hasn't happened, and now there's even a new prequel out for the series. I swear I need to rectify that soon.

    1. Maybe I will get to The Scorpio Races next month. I almost picked it for this month but wanted to read The Raven Boys 'cause it just came out. I haven't even read any Sarah Dessen book yet so I should get to that sometime soon. I hope you get to your Maze Runner books soon!