Thursday, October 25, 2012

Book in Review: 13 on Halloween (Shadow #1) by Laura A. H. Elliot




Roxie has the best night of her life until the popular kids decide they want to celebrate her birthday in a way Roxie never expects––in her attic, with a gift that’s out of this world, and a pact to never tell a living soul what happens next.

Twelve-year-old Roxie wants to be like Adrianne, the popular girl who gets everything she wants––a flock to prowl around the mall with; invitations to parties; and for Hayden, the cutest guy in the eighth grade to, you know, notice her. When Roxie invites all the eighth grade peacocks (code word : popular kids) to her first ever thirteenth birthday party on Halloween, they all come and give her a gift that’s literally out of this world. Roxie astral projects to Planet Popular where she becomes seventeen instantly and gets everything she’s always wanted, but nothing is as it seems. Being a high school peacock is complicated and Roxie will risk everything to be who she thinks she wants to be. Oh yeah, there’s Prom, doppelgangers, a mysterious map, and lots of bad peacocks too.
13 on Halloween, (Shadow Series #1) is now available as an audiobook on iTunes, Audible or Amazon. Shadow Slayer, book 2 in the series, releases Sept. 18 2012.

Why I Read This:

A Halloween book.


I read 13 on Halloween way back in July (apparently this is a thing with me where I like to read holiday themed books wa
y before the actual holiday). Well, I didn't think anyone would be interested in my thoughts on a Halloween book in the summertime so I waited to do my review until now.

13 on Halloween is a cute little paranormal book that is great for middle-schoolers. It follows Roxie, a girl just turning 13 and whose life is turned upside down when the popular kids at school start paying attention to her, and are the only people to accept her invitation to her birthday party. At first she is thrilled, although becomes bit suspicious after she see's what's inside the glowing bottle she receives as a gift. She lets them into her life anyways to see why they are paying attention to her and she gets caught up in this crazy scheme to go to a parallel universe (where she is the popular one) and rescue the sister of one of these kids. 

I thought the book was fun and it definitely played to a lot of fantasies that a 13 year old girl might have - being the popular one, living in an alternate reality, being the only one who is able to fix a huge problem for someone else. Although, I did think it was a bit predictable at the end, especially since I could see very easily that the kids just wanted to use her to get the sister back, but she of course just kept going along with them.

There is a paranormal element to the book but it comes at the very end. I thought that part was great, I just can't say very much about it without spoiling the ending for you! Overall a very fast, very cute paranormal read for the younger teen audience.

For the older teen audience and readers in their twenties, I would recommend Laura's "new adult" book, Winnemucca, which I also read this year and gave 5 stars! 

My Rating:


I received a free copy from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

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