Saturday, August 18, 2012

Blog Tour Book Review: Nikolas & Company: The Merman and the Moon by Kevin McGill

Hi there! Today I have a book review for a blog tour - Nikolas & Company: The Merman and the Moon (Episode 1) by Kevin McGill. I've promoted this book in the past and some of you may have received your free copy by now (as you may recall Kevin McGill was giving away 1000 copies of this book in July). Please read the review below and then you can click over to Kevin's website where he's posted some links to the other blog tour stops.


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A long time ago in a world not so far away...
Senior stagecoach driver Yeri Willrow thought he was performing a simple drive and drop for his mysterious passengers, until they are attacked by foul-breath red-eyed creatures. He soon learns that his passengers are a family of automaton-legged merfolk, and he is their only hope. Yeri suddenly finds himself tasked with saving the merfolk or they will fall to the peril of the creature most foul.

Sometime in the near future...
Nick lives in a time when one can zip from country to country in mach-speed hovercars, extend their life indefinitely through cerebral downloads, and have every whim taken care of by their ever faithful nannydrone.

Nick hates it.

Aside from the refugee camps, overpopulation, and unchecked consumerism filling every city across the globe, Nick just doesnt belong. That is when he hears the voice of a woman:

The Rones lie about their true intent. They enter the city of Huron at the peril of us all.

Shortly after, his slightly crazed grandfather reveals to him:

"All you've ever heard about the Moon is a lie, my dear Nikolas. He was not always a mere satellite, a ghost wandering the stars. In an age before our own, Moon was our twin, and in him bore the whole of magical life. The cradle of this magical civilization was a fantastic metropolis filled with fire-breathing winged lions, volcano-born nymphs, automaton-legged mermaids, and so much magic you could smell it. We called this metropolis Huron, and you, Nikolas, are her steward."

Why I Read This:

It sounded like a fun read.


Nikolas & Co: The Merman and the Moon was a very original and entertaining read. It had merman that walked on land, kids inventing things, parents that talked like teenagers and crazy machines that could shrink them. It had a dystopian landscape yet fantastical worlds. It had chase scenes and thoughtful analysis of the way things are (in that world). It had archeology and it had time travel. In fact, for such a short book it really did cram in a lot and made it all work in a way that was cohesive and fun. It had the tone of books like Artemis Fowl or Leviathan.

Kevin McGill has done an excellent job establishing his world and building upon it. Every chapter was like peeling away another layer of a crazy adventure and finding out the mystery of everything that is going on. I truly enjoyed The Merman and the Moon and look forward to the next installment.

I give this book a 3/5. Even though I really enjoyed this first "episode" I feel as though it is only just the beginning and one part of the whole. There are some series that I have a hard time placing until I've read it in full and this seems to be one of them since getting to the end of it didn't quite feel like it was a story all in itself. I do sense that I'll love the whole series once it is finished since I really did like the creative and orginal feel to this one, and so I do recommend it for those of you who like these types of books.



I received a free e-copy from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  3. This sounds like a fun book. Thanks for your thoughts and the review. Love the cover. :O)