Monday, July 23, 2012

Discussion: Top 10 Books Published in 2012

consideration of a question in open and usually informal debate  --Websters Dictionary
I follow several bloggers who host weekly or monthly discussions for readers/bloggers and I like to join in when I feel I have something to say. Find great topics at Misty's Book Chat, Amber's Saturday Discussion, Melissa's Let's Talk, and TBTB's Top Ten Tuesday.

This week I'm not participating in one of those but I have seen similar posts on other blogs, usually titled something like "Top Ten Reads of 2012...So Far".
Today I'd like to talk about my Top Ten Y.A. Books of 2012. The post was inspired by websites like Amazon, Chapters, and other book sellers who post their own lists of recently published "bests".  I'm not sure what criteria goes into making these kinds of decisions on other sites, but for me it was:

- The book was memorable - I still think about it even today
- If it was a sequel, it was better than the previous books
- It did something new or unexpected (making it even more memorable)
- It made my heart skip a beat just looking at the cover and being reminded of the story within
- Published in 2012

So here it goes. In no particular order. My top 10 favourite books of 2012, published in 2012.

Princes, schemes, secrets, adventure. What more could I want? My favourite book so far this year.

I liked the world of angels Jessica Shirvington created in this one. Even more I liked the characters.

Cinderella is a cyborg? Of course I had to see how that would turn out. Surprising well!

Across the Universe was a little dissapointing to me. This follow up was brilliant and the series is shaping up to epic proportions.

Incredibly sad but worth every minute. Megan Bostic had me in tears, and in love with her main character Austin.

A world where everyone is reincarnated, except for our main character who is a new soul. Everything was just...wonderful. Incredibly creative world that I didn't want to leave.

Creepy and thrilling. I want more from Megan Miranda, sooner rather than later :)

Another great book from Lisa. Lost child found, but how does everyone react and adjust? I read this one in less than a day.

A wonderful, airy book with religion, sisters, and love. I know this book wasn't popular with Stork's fans but as this was my first taste, I enjoyed it a lot. I felt comfort and love emitting from the pages and that was perfect for me.

A fun historical fiction.  The setting and atmosphere were wonderfully dark, yet Victoria Lamb still managed to keep it full of excitement, adventure, and romance.

Honourable mentions go to the sequels which, while I enjoyed a lot didn't blow me away like the first book in the series - Insurgent by Veronica Roth and  Blazing the Trail by Deborah Cooke.

I've had a great year of reading so far, especially new releases. There have been many. These were tough decisions and Beneath a Meth Moon by Jaqueline Woodson, Getting Somewhere by Beth Neff and Fever by Lauren DeStephano almost made it too so they deserve honourable mentions as well.

What is one (or your top ten) of your favourite book(s) published in far?


  1. Okay, I need to read 'The False Prince' ASAP. For some reason it wasn't really on my radar, but since it was released I've seen some great reviews.

    Totally agree about Cinder -- I loved it, and I can't wait for Scarlet.

    1. You have to read The False Prince! I knew I'd like it but it completely exceeded my expectations. Also, I loved your review of Cinder. I'm looking forward to Scarlet too. I have no idea what Marissa Meyer's going to do with the story, but maybe that's a good thing (let's not get me hopes up TOO

  2. Great list! :) Cinder's the only one of these I've read, those The False Prince and Never Eighteen are on my list.

    So far this year for me: Something Like Normal, My Life Next Door, and This is Not a Test.

    1. I have not heard of Something Like Normal (I'll be checking that out) and the other two you mentioned are on my list too. Hopefully I'll have a chance to read them this year.

    2. Definitely do check it out! :)

  3. Still haven't read any of these, although they're all on my tbr list :)

    My top 10 fav 2012 YA books so far are:
    1. The Vanishing Game by Kate Kae Myers
    2. Before I Wake by Rachel Vincent
    3. What I Didn't Say by Keary Taylor
    4. A Witch in Winter by Ruth Warburton
    5. Breaking Lauren by Jordan Deen
    6. Forgiven by Jana Oliver
    7. Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti
    8. Croak by Gina Damico
    9. Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen
    10.Earth Unaware by Orson Scott Card & Aaron Johnston

    1. Oh...I haven't heard of some of those. I will have to look them up. I have heard good things about A Witch in Winter and I have Scarlet on my list of to-reads. Thanks!