Sunday, June 3, 2012

Under-Cover Sundays: Offline this week

This is just a quick note to say there will be no Under-Cover Sundays this week. Unfortunately there is a very sick little girl in my house who needs lots of attention from her mommy. Look forward to reviews and a WoW this week. I just couldn't muster up the extra few minutes today to do this one thing. I'll be back next week to feature another book.


  1. Do you mind if I do a version of Under-Cover Sundays over at my blog? I would link back to you, of course, and I understand if you say no.

    Hope your daughter feels better soon.

    Erin @ A Book Lover's Ramblings

  2. Hi Erin. Can you email me with more details of what you would do in your posts? I think I need more information before I say yes or no. I might also have some other idea that could work for us depending on what you were planning.