Monday, May 7, 2012

Interview + Giveaway with Michelle Muto, author of Don't Fear the Reaper

Welcome to the blog, Michelle Muto! I have had Michelle's book Don't Fear the Reaper on my radar for quite some time and decided to reach out to her for an interview.

Tell us a little about yourself and the book(s) you've written...
I’m a nature lover, tech geek, and full-time writer. I love to write and read, and spend time with my husband and my dogs.

The Book of Lost Souls and Don't Fear the Reaper are vastly different books. The Book of Lost Souls is more humorous, light. I think Don't Fear the Reaper is more dark, and certainly one that’ll have readers grabbing a tissue.

Why do you write? What got you going?

It’s not grammatically correct, but I heard it once from another writer and it just rang true. I can’t NOT write. Even if I’m not at the keyboard, I’m writing scenes and worlds in my head.

What go me going? I’ve always loved books. My biggest influences author-wise are Stephen King, Rod Serling, J.K. Rowling, and Dean Koontz.

Would you like to see your book turned into a movie? Who would play the main characters?

Of the two books, I think Don't Fear the Reaper would make the better movie.
Keely: Clair Foy
Daniel: Unknown. Chace Crawford? Kellen Lutz? In my mind, Daniel is dark haired, dark eyed, medium complexion, strong jaw, cocky, and very built. Got any ideas?
Banning: Simon Baker. Banning has always been Simon Baker through and through.


Do you outline your stories before you begin writing? How do you determine where to start?

I do outline. And I sometimes adjust the outline as I go. Where do I start? I envision the story and make notes, cutting out the first part. Chapter one starts when the action does.

Do you have pets? Can you tell us a little about them?

I have two dogs, Tasha and Ronan. We adopted Tasha when she was about a year old – she literally was scheduled to be euthanized that morning. She’s an Akita, a sweetheart, and is now just over 12 yrs old. Ronan is a 5 yr-old Shikoku, which looks something like a cross between a Shibu Inu and a wolf. He’s actually the real life inspiration for the character Devlin, a Beezlepup, in The Book of Lost Souls.

Who is your hero? Why?

My dad, who died some years ago. He always taught me to believe in myself and that all things are possible if you keep at it.


What is your favourite tv show? Favourite movie?

TV Show: Supernatural. I have far too many fav movies to list.


You are invited to a masquerade/halloween party. Who (or what) do you dress as?

A witch.

Is there a Y.A. novel you wish YOU wrote?

Easy. Harry Potter, and not because of the money or fame. It’s just a brilliant story and an intriguing world.


What advice would you give your teen readers about life?

Always look at both sides objectively. Keep your imagination alive.

Thank you for sharing with us, Michelle! Here is some more information on Michelle and her book Don't Fear the Reaper:

Summary for Don't Fear the Reaper:

Haunted by memories of her murdered twin, Keely Morrison is convinced suicide is her only ticket to eternal peace. But in death, she discovers the afterlife is nothing like she expected. Instead of peaceful oblivion or a joyful reunion with her sister, Keely is trapped in a netherworld on Earth with only a bounty-hunting reaper and a sarcastic demon to show her the ropes.

When the demon offers Keely her ultimate temptation--revenge on her sister's killer--she must determine who she can trust. Because, as Keely soon learns, the reaper and demon have been keeping secrets and she fears the worst is true--that her every decision changes how, and with whom, she spends eternity.

You can find it on
Barnes & Noble

Author bio:

Michelle has always loved storytelling. When she was a child, her favorite stories were of monsters and things that lurked in the dark. Telling stories often frightened her classmates and got her into a lot of trouble with her teachers. They had no sense of humor.

As an adult, Michelle traded her love of writing for the corporate life where she was an IT professional. Today, she's doing what she loves best - writing and storytelling.

Michelle grew up in Chicago, but currently lives in NE Georgia with her husband and their two dogs. She loves scary books, funny movies, sports cars, chocolate, dogs, and changes of season.

You can find her on


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  1. I love that you put your dad as your hero. Supernatural is one of my favourite shows too!

    Your book looks awesome. Thanks for the interview. :) It was fun to read.

  2. I'm going to chime in here too. Michelle, I love that you adopted one of your dogs, especially so close to being euthanized. You are a true hero for that one simple act.

    I like that your favourite show is Supernatural. It makes perfect sense considering the subjects in your books are dark and supernatural as well. I unfortunately stopped watching somewhere around season 4 and have way way too many episodes to catch up on now!

  3. Kate - He truly was, and is, my hero. There's a line in Don't Fear the Reaper that originally stemmed from a poem I wrote 10 years after his death... Tell Me About Heaven. Tell Me About Heaven, Dad - 10 long years have passed and I miss you so.

    Erika - Tasha is an angel. In a way, I'm not ever foolish enough to think we rescued her. She rescued us. May I alway be the person my two dogs think I am. :-)

  4. Supernatural is my favorite show too! :) you rock ;)