Monday, April 9, 2012

Book in Review: Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott



Simon Pulse

The thing is, you can get used to anything. You think you can't, you want to die, but you don't. You won't. You just are.

This is Alice.
She was taken by Ray five years ago.
She thought she knew how her story would end.
She was wrong.

Why I Read This:

Elizabeth Scott is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors. She writes in a wide variety of styles and genres and when I saw this one at the library, jumped at the chance to read it.


Nearly two months after reading this book, I am still struggling to understand how I feel about it. The story centers around a girl who was abducted when she was still a child by a pedophile who uses her for sex and is getting frustrated with the inevibility that she will grow up soon and no longer look like the child he wants to be with. Alice knows this and starts to form a plan. A plan to either run away or kill herself so he doesn't have the satisfaction.

This book was very disturbing. Let me warn you: there are sex scenes. They are brutal and you want to reach into the book and make them stop. I also wanted to look away. But maybe that was the whole point of adding them in; that we shouldn't look away from this type of abuse, or any type of abuse just to make ourselves more comfortable.

What was even more disturbing though was Alice's abilty to see how much she was hurting yet wanting to keep the cycle of abuse going just to save herself. Again, it got me thinking if there was something deeper to what the author was trying to say here but I was still so disgusted by what was going on that this time I couldn't really come up with much. I can understand now though that she just wanted to stop it from happening to herself any way she could. She was trying to survive.

It is an amazingly well written story that is very dark but also very necessary. And despite not wanting to keep reading, I somehow always ended up doing so anyways.

My Rating:


I read a library copy.


  1. Wow this sounds very emotional and disturbing. I actually often enjoy books like that because they stand out. They become memorable. I'll have to check it out. Great review Erika!

    1. Thanks, Giselle :) I know what you mean about them being memorable. I don't think I will forget this one for a long time. I would love to know what other books you've read that fit that mold.

  2. Okay so I have this book. I havent read it yet because I'm afraid of the emotional toll it will have on me. I actually received a review book from this author for another book related to this topic and after beginning it had to tell the author I couldnt continue. It was just too much for me. Maybe in the future I'll be able to do it but now, I just cant. Great review.

    1. Hi Sherre. It is a very hard topic to read about and I think it depends a lot on how the author writes that makes me want to keep reading or not. I'm glad you were able to say no to that book if it was that hard on you.

  3. I also had no idea how to review this book after I finished it. On the one hand it was so well written- and such an important topic! On the other hand-- I felt sick for days after reading it. I have a fifteen year old who is dying to read it after hearing me speak about it-- but I can't give it to her. Maybe I'm wrong but it seems too harsh for a lot of teens.