Sunday, January 1, 2012

NYSC: Discussion: How Do You Spend New Year's Eve?

Since today is a holiday here, I wanted to start my series of New Year's related discussions with something simple and lighthearted.

I had a few authors interested in sharing how their characters spend New Year's Eve (and you'll be seeing those in some upcoming posts) so I thought it would be fun to share with each other how we spend New Year's.  


Do you have a New Year's tradition? What is your perfect night like? And what did you do last night?!!!

For myself, I usually stay in. I try to spend the day with my husband and daughter. I'll sneak in as much reading as I can and maybe watch a little tv. I love checking out shows like Jay Leno because there is usually some fun skit or segment to watch. I used to check out the live music shows on tv but don't really do that anymore. I'd rather watch a show or just read some more. We don't always stay up to midnight and find that's just as fun waking up in the morning and saying Happy New Year to my family then.

How I usually spend New Year's actually is my ideal night! That might sound boring, but I find it fun just to lounge around.

BUT...Yesterday, I spent my New Year's Eve at a wedding! It was filled with lots of beautiful live singers and musicians, stories and encouragement from friends and family, and at the end of the night the couple got married. Interesting to see the bride before the ceremony dancing in her wedding dress with her husband-to-be. They win for most unique wedding ever :D

Bonus question: Which of your favourite characters (from a book) would you most like to spend New Year's Eve with? 

My answer: Jane Eyre...because I'm sure she'd like to just sit around chatting and reading a book. Just like I enjoy doing ;)

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