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January New Release in Review: Fracture by Megan Miranda



Walker & Company


Eleven minutes passed before Delaney Maxwell was pulled from the icy waters of a Maine lake by her best friend Decker Phillips. By then her heart had stopped beating. Her brain had stopped working. She was dead. And yet she somehow defied medical precedent to come back seemingly fine

—despite the scans that showed significant brain damage. Everyone wants Delaney to be all right, but she knows she's far from normal. Pulled by strange sensations she can't control or explain, Delaney finds herself drawn to the dying. Is her altered brain now predicting death, or causing it?

Then Delaney meets Troy Varga, who recently emerged from a coma with similar abilities. At first she's reassured to find someone who understands the strangeness of her new existence, but Delaney soon discovers that Troy's motives aren't quite what she thought. Is their gift a miracle, a freak of nature-or something much more frightening?

For fans of best-sellers like Before I Fall and If I Stay, this is a fascinating and heart-rending story about love and friendship and the fine line between life and death

Why I Read This:

Mostly cover love. But also, because I heard this book was going to be great and the summary sounded intriguing.


Fracture really surprised me. I started reading it not really remembering what it was about as I didn't re-read the summary beforehand. I enjoyed the beginning and thought I knew how it was going to turn out from the start. So although the writing was compelling, I kept reading with the idea not to get too attached because it was just going to end up how I thought - cliched and anti-climatic. Well...that was completely wrong. And it was a totally futile endeavor to try not getting attached to it. Megan Miranda's writing is so thrilling and every time I put it down I found myself craving more. Why did I keep trying to resist it? That was quite silly.

Not to mention the dream like plot. I kept wondering what was real and if the writer was 'playing with me'. For example, Delaney's odd magnetic pull towards Troy, who always seemed to be in the same place of someone dying. It seemed so surreal to me and yet Megan's explanation of why that kept happening turned out to be realistic. That kept happening too. What I thought was not realistic at all and almost too dream-like would turn out to have a completely realistic and reasonable explanation. I found that so compelling that in the end I am completely in awe of Megan's storytelling ability.

Delaney was also a fascinating character to watch. After basically coming back to life, then in a coma and waking up with no physical effects she started to question if that meant there was something seriously wrong with her which just kept driving her crazier as the doctors kept telling her she was fine. It added to the drama of the story quite well. And the tension between Delaney and her parents was extremely hard to read about - overbearing parents and all - and the way she felt so trapped in her new life because of them was cringe-worthy. But only because it was again so realistic and the explanation for it so reasonable that it seemed it could happen to anyone.

It's the type of book where spoilers have to be avoided at all costs otherwise the effect will be ruined. So that's the core of my opinion - this book totally surprised me. The ending was so far from anticlimatic and the characters had my eyes glued to the pages. I recommend and hope you find it in you to pick up Fracture - preferably soon.

My Rating:


ARC from publisher through Netgalley.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed this novel so much! I did too. I agree that the ending can't be spoiled it. It completely surprised me!