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Interview with Megan Bostic, Debut Author of Never Eighteen

 Today we have with us debut author Megan Bostic whose book, Never Eighteen releases on January 17, 2012. Megan has joined us for an interview below:

Tell us a little about yourself and the book(s) you've written...

I’m a mom of two beautiful girls living in Tacoma, Washington.  Never Eighteen is about a dying boy’s mission to show the people he loves the value of life.

Why do you write? What got you going?

I’ve liked to write since I was little, but start writing novels until 2002.  I’d quit my job to care for my mother-in-law who had terminal cancer.  After she passed, I was grieving with time on my hands, so I sat down and started writing.  Writing is still so much a form of therapy for me.  I think it’s also why I like writing for teens.  They have so much going on in their lives and face real struggles every day, writing about them gives me a release from my own troubles.

Which of your characters is your favourite? How is she or he different from yourself?

I think the character I’m writing now so far is my favorite.  Her name is Syd and she has many layers.  On the outside, she’s tough, brash, and adventurous, but on the inside she’s more fragile, struggling with relationships, friendships, and family problems, and how to cope with the challenges she faces. 

I wish I were as daring as Syd.  It’s hard for me to leave my comfort zone sometimes.  Syd rarely stays in her comfort zone.

Describe your main characters. If they were real people, would you be friends with them?

Austin is the main character of Never Eighteen.  He’s funny, smart, and likes normal everyday teenage stuff, but his illness allows him to see the world differently than other teens.  He’s wise beyond his years, thoughtful, and he struggles with his cancer, and seeing the people around him wasting their lives on addictions, loss, and lies.

I would have been friends with Austin in high school for sure.

How do you choose the names for your characters?

As I’m writing, the names just kind of come to me.  If for some reason they don’t, I’ve opened a phone book, turned to a random page, close my eyes and point.  I also have an app on my iPod that picks random names for novels. They’re usually pretty weird though.J

Would you like to see your book turned into a movie? Who would play the main characters?

I’d LOVE to see my book turned into a movie.  I’ve already thought about this.  I’d like Aaron Johnson (Kick Ass) to play Austin and Amanda Seyfried to play Kaylee.

How much control did you have over the cover design of your book? Do you like it? If you didn't design it yourself, how do you think it would have turned out if you did?

I had a little control but not much.  They brought it to me with a yellowish background, which I didn’t like, so they changed it to the light blue.  I love my cover very much; however, if I’d designed it myself, it would have been much different.  That’s why I’m not the professional.  It would have been all wrong.

How did you decide on the length of your book?

Well, originally it was a NaNoWriMo book (National Novel Writing Month), so it had to be 50,000 words.  Since, it’s been cut, some of it by me, some based on ideasfrom my agent and editor.

How do you relax after a long day of writing?

I veg in front of the TV watching shows on Netflix.  Right now I’m watching Gray’s Anatomy.

Do you outline your stories before you begin writing? How do you determine where to start?

I don’t outline.  I thrive on chaos when it comes to my writing.  I start at the beginning.  Usually an idea pops into my head and I have a beginning and an ending planned, I just have to fill in the middle.

How many finished stories did you write before seeing your first book published? Do you think you'll ever go back to them and try again?

I wrote four complete (but really unpolished) manuscripts before writing Never Eighteen, and two more before getting published.  I definitely would like to refine them and try again.  I think some of them have potential.

What is one thing you'd like your readers to take away from your book(s)?

To live every day as if it will be your last and to reach out to those in need before it’s too late.

What will your next book be about?

I’m writing a story about a girl who becomes so miserable and depressed she resorts to cutting to ease her pain.  She goes down a long and windy path of self-destruction, but the journey also leads her to self-discovery and recovery.

What was life like for you when YOU were a teen?

I struggled with body image, peer pressure, and at times self-loathing, like so many teens out there.  However, I also had a fun group of friends and a supportive family to get me through the hard times.

3 books to help you wait out a zombie apocalypse are...

The Stand by Stephen King
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Is there a Y.A. novel you wish YOU wrote?

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.  I love its tragic beauty.  It made me want to write realistic teen fiction.

What was the last thing you ate? Did you enjoy it?

Kefir smoothy with strawberries and pineapple.  Yes, I did like it.  It’s healthy and filling.

If you could have a pet that was a mythical creature, which creature would you choose?

I would choose a Phoenix because when it dies, a new one is born out of the ashes and I would always have a pet.

What advice would you give your teen readers about life?

I’d encourage them to not be afraid to seek help if they need it, whether it’s from a parent, a friend, or a counselor.  Sometimes just talking things out with someone brings relief, if only a little. I’d also tell them not to give in to peer pressure.  If they’re uncomfortable with something, they should be true to themselves and leave.  Finally, I’d tell them to be who they are, not who other people want them to be.  The people that care about them will like them no matter what.  

Thank you for that, Megan. Here is some more information about Megan and Never Eighteen:

Never Eighteen Summary:

Austin Parker is never going to see his eighteenth birthday. At the rate he’s going, he probably won’t even see the end of the year. But in the short time he has left there’s one thing he can do: He can try to help the people he loves live—even though he never will.

It’s probably hopeless.

But he has to try.

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About Megan Bostic:
Megan (that’s with a long “e”) Bostic is a mere human trying to find her place in the universe and an all-around great girl. Despite the rain and gray (she’s truly solar powered) making her extremely angsty, she’s lived in the Pacific Northwest her whole life, and still does, with her two crazy beautiful girls.

She thrives on the challenges faced in her journey to publication and has documented it vlog style. You can find her Chronicles of an Aspiring Writer on

Her writing process she lovingly calls “organized chaos”. She writes on her laptop at the kitchen table next to the sliding glass door so she can absorb as much sun as she can. 

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  1. I LOVED 13 Reasons Why it was a fantastic book. I've seen Never Eighteen for the first time a few weeks ago and it sounds really interesting. Great post!

    Xpresso Reads

  2. Hi Megan! Thank you visiting and letting u get to know you better. I've been looking forward to reading Never Eighteen for a long time now, so I'm glad that it's finally available and I can't wait to read it. I haven't read Thirteen Reasons Why yet, but I plan on reading it very soon. I was saddened to read about how you began writing after your mother-in-law's death but I think that writing is indeed a very therapeutic tool. I wish you all the very best for 2012!



  3. *Thank you for visiting and letting us get to know you better.
    (That's what I meant to say- my keyboard is a little unreliable).

    Best wishes!