Friday, November 25, 2011

December Blog-a-thon 2011

December Blog-a-thon

This is just a note to say I'll be doing a self-imposed blog-a-thon for the month of December. This also includes a read-a-thon (sort of). Since I started blogging, I've never had the opportunity to get really super-organized about it. A lot of the posts I put up, even if I've been thinking about them for a long time usually don't get written until a day or two before (or even the day of...minutes before) they go up. It can get sort of stressful when I realize there's something else I have to do that day and makes me sad when I can't get to posting what I want. Now that Netgalley works for my kindle (Amazon did not support sending documents in Canada for the longest time) I am also having the opportunity to read books on my future wishlist ahead of time. How awesome is that opportunity!

So I'm setting aside the month of December to get ready for 2012. To write up posts and reviews, set up author interviews, and read new books that I'm excited for and want to review for you. I'll be updating on my progress every Monday in December. 

If anyone wants to join me, please do so! Let's support each other :)

And although I can't offer an incentive prize for joining me, I wanted to add a linky to this post. Every time you write a post, link to it. Then we can all find each other and be cheerleaders for our accomplishments :D

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