Thursday, October 13, 2011

Captioned!: An original short by Joannie Sparks

Captioned! is a fun way for authors, bloggers, and readers to participate on the blog. The idea behind Captioned! is to showcase a short piece of fiction paired with or inspired by a photograph. If you would like to participate please go to this page for more details. Photos are provided by me or if you are feeling really ambitious you can find your own. Our guest today, Joannie has chosen photo #3 from the pictures provided  and is sharing with us a short piece of fiction she wrote based on it.

Joannie is not an author and does not have a blog or website but you can find her on the web on Goodreads and on Twitter. A side note: Joannie makes an awesome Goodreads friend and am so happy to be sharing my reads with her over there. 

The County Fair

I knew this day was coming and I have been waiting for days. The closer it came the less sleep I got. I knew my brother Carl was going to take me 'cause we made an agreement that if I did his chores at our farm for a week he would take me. We went to play games and of course me being smaller, I could not win anything. But Carl had a good arm and eagle eye sight which always suprised me. He could always see things no one else could from far away. Carl, not trusting anyone, could  tell us when peolpe were walking to our house an hour before they got there. See, we didn't have any problem going by ourselves since we lived with our Uncle and he had to work and could not take us. But then he didn't pay much attention to us anyways. When our parents were killed in a tractor accident our uncle came and took over the farm and all he cared about was making money to line his pockets. Carl won me this nice pendent with a golden eagle in it and a blue stone. It was the most wonderful thing I ever saw. The man didn't want to give it to Carl but he had no choice since we had a lot of people behind us at the game and he was making shots that know one should have. The local people at  the fair were cheering him on so much. When the man asked what prize he wanted on this one shelf, my brother pointed to the top shelf - to the necklace - and he had to give it to him cause the local people were telling him to give to the boy what he wanted 'cause he deserved it.

What a sweet story!  I love Joannie's story telling voice. It matches the country tone of the picture and story perfectly. Thank you for sharing with us, Joannie :D

What do you think. Anyone else want to give these photos a try? Interpretation is in the eye of the beholder. Write what you make of it!

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