Monday, September 12, 2011

What Faction Are You? Imagining myself in Tris' world

As some of you know, earlier this summer I read Divergent by Veronica Roth. I have already blogged about this book several times (see: book signing, under-cover sundays, vacation read-a-thon wrap up, and my review). I think one of the most powerful things about this book is it's ability to throw the reader right into the dystopian world presented and make us question what we would do in the characters' shoes. One of the most prominent questions being, which faction would we belong to. Which one, after all the testing is said and done, would we choose?

In most cases we are much more complex people than we sometimes want to believe. A very large majority would most likely end up being Divergent. But the question is still an intriguing one...There is no "Divergent" faction. So in the end we still have to choose.

I'm sure this is a question quite a few people have already answered on their blogs. I wanted to add to the chatter, and to possibly find others who want to share as well (if you've already answered, please leave a comment with your link).

So to recap, here are the five factions that appear in Divergent:

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Abnegation: Desire selflessness.

Amity: Desire friendship and happiness.

Candor: Desire honesty.

Dauntless: Desire bravery.

Erudite: Desire knowledge.

What faction are you?

My answer?

Candor: The Honest

As soon as I heard about Candor I became very attatched. I wanted to learn more about the way the faction worked. I wanted to know what kind of jobs they held, what their families were like, and how their desire for honesty effected their relationships (would they be more stressful or less?). I also wanted to just go right into one of their homes and have a good look around. Would there be stuff all over the place, would it be tidy, would it be void of many possessions at all? The more and more I thought about Candor the more I became obsessed. Any time characters originally from Candor mentioned their life back home I immediately perked up.

I also knew, it was much more than a curiosity and the lack of information on this faction that kept me wanting more. It was my desire for this faction to be the right one for me. I REALLY wanted to be Candor. As someone that can be quite reserved and shy at times, it's not usually because of a lack of opinion or desire to share.

Mostly, it's due to the fact that I'm afraid I will either say too much or not the right thing. And more to the point, it's also my lack of being given a voice of my own groing up. It's not easy having a voice that's "soft". Not only can people not hear you, but people also associate quietness with shyness (and usually bug you 'til you don't want anything to do with them or just leave you alone without much thought) because people and the people you do know will start answering questions for you, and social interaction starts to become a moot point. (this is quite a depressing point, I know...but I'm just being honest!). I did have opinions and wanted to tell people to just back off and let me speak!

Also, I can be quite observant at times. It would be nice not to always have to be so diplomatic about what I say (even though I also feel, that's kind of lazy...ha ha!). Plus, it's kind of hard for me to keep a secret most of the time...I have to tell someone.

Candor seems like a place everyone is allowed to be who they are inside. You can tell people you like them or don't like them and that's expected. There are no secrets so you don't have to worry people are keeping things from you or hold things back. You learn to deal with rejection and criticism. To me that feels much more like freedom than the other idealistic traits of the factions.

There is a quiz on the Divergent Facebook page you can take to see what faction you belong in. I was curious to see what I would get. Here's my answer:

Surprise! (not!) I did get Candor. 

If I lived in Tris' world, I would probably choose it too. It all depends though on the lifestyle of the faction, which we don't get a good glimpse of. We only really get to hear about the relationships. If I could have as many books as I desired on top of living as Candor, I would definitely want that! If I couldn't that would be a really really really hard decision to make.

I think all us book bloggers can relate to that. I've always desired information. I want to know everything that I can about the subjects that interest me. I want to read all the books I can in this little life of mine! In fact, I took a different quiz, and this time got Erudite.

If you lived in Divergent, which faction would you belong to?
You are an intellectual—you dedicate most of your time to studying, reading, and making sure your work gets done. You probably learned the theory of relativity when you were nine. There’s nothing wrong with having the best SAT scores among all of your friends, but occasionally, you might want to take your nose out of a book. Sometimes experience is better than any theory.
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Surprise! (for real...sort of!)

Have you taken the quizzes? What did you get?


  1. I took that quiz as well! Ahah, I also got Candor, but I honestly think I would be in Erudite. *Random note* in Pottermore, I got sorted into Ravenclaw, so I think Erudite would also suit me.

  2. Funnily enough, I couldn't think of one house I really fit into, no matter how hard I tried, and then according to the facebook quiz, I am indeed Divergent. I answered honestly! I think I'd be bored in Erudite without some 'fun' once in awhile, and Dauntless would be too out there all the time. Although as Sophia mentions, in Pottermore I'm a Hufflepuff... nothing fits!

  3. Okay, I got DIVERGENT on the Quibblo one and CANDOR on the official. I would LOVE to be DAUNTLESS, but the truth is I can't even jump from, well- you get my point. I'll be fine in AMITY. Picking apples, right?

    This was fun!

    - Mary [Anxirium]

  4. I got Candor on the official and Divergent on the Quibblo. I'm not sure which one I'd really fit into, Amity I think.