Monday, August 29, 2011

Video // News: Making of the FEVER cover

As some of you may remember from my My Favourite Y.A. Covers (That I've Read)...It's Complicated! post, I thought the cover of Wither by Lauren DeStephano was one of the best covers I had seen in a long time. So much so, that even after the book didn't live up to the hype that I had created for it in my head, I still feel like it's one of my favourite YA covers...ever.

A few weeks ago, the cover for The Chemical Garden #2: Fever was revealed. Here it is:

Absolutely FANTASTIC! I LOVE this colour scheme. The pop of bright green, the gold dress, and the white horse...amazing. If I had seen these colours on a palette I would say they don't go together, but on Fever, they totally work well. I love that the elements all bring out different aspects of the story too. The sophisticated dress, the rocking horse (reminds me of childhood...hmm...stolen childhood?), the dark make-up and undone hair.Yep. Totally works with the mood of the story and the world DeStephano has created.

I can't WAIT to see this cover in person.

Anyways, the point of all of this (since I'm sure many of you have already seen the cover reveal for Fever) is...

Lauren DeStephano has posted a "Making of the FEVER Cover" on her Facebook page. I am obsessed with book covers. A little too much. So to have a "Making of" video for a cover I adore is like a gold mine to me!

Watch below!
(make sure to watch to the get to see the whole dust jacket, front and back)

If you are having any problems with the video at all, head over to this posting on Lauren DeStephano's Facebook page.

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  1. Oh, wow! Interesting video. The model looks so different in the other pictures than she does on the book cover, haha. :)