Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Attempted Beach Reading

I went to the beach with my family - my husband, daughter, and mother - this Sunday for the first time this year. I thought it would be fun to write up a post on my attempted beach read. I took with me Dreamland Social Club by Tara Altebrando. I thought it would be a good beach read since the book is all about Coney Island and talks a lot about the amusement rides and the nostalgia of people just generally having fun while on vacation and having a good time away from home.

Me and my beach read

While I didn't get much actually reading done at the beach I did have fun attempting to read! It was incredibly windy, the pages flapping every which way as I tried to read. Then my daughter running back and forth between myself and my mom (apparently I am good for food and my mother is good for sitting on). The wind and waves were very distracting and fun was calling my name. Sand was flying everywhere and getting my book all gritty. After reading about 10 minutes and only getting 2 pages further than I was I finally gave up.

What did I do other than try and read? I played with my daughter in the waves, tried to make cars and sandcastles with her sand toys, laid down close to the shore to see what it felt like having the tide creep up on me, had a mud fight with my mother, rode the waves with my husband (they were pretty wild), went for a walk, watch my daughter chase seagulls, a stranger fly a kite, and more! We were pretty trigger happy with the camera. Here's a taste of all that:

Watching my family

I think this is what started the mud throwing

She was getting upset because she was dirty, hence the staring at our hands!

"Oh...we're still doing this?"

kite watching

While I found it a little too hard to read at the beach this time (I usually have no problem :)), Dreamland Social Club was still a great beach read. I would definitely recommend it for beach reading. It made an even better car book on the way home from the beach. I managed to read about 50 pages in an hour and a half. This is a very fascinating book, by the way. If you want to learn anything about Coney Island, while still reading fiction, you should read this one!


  1. Looks like you had a fun time nonetheless! I just came home from up north and I pretty much spent everyday on the beach reading by the lake as long as it was not windy :)

  2. Yes I did! Natalie, that sounds great. Sounds like you had an amazing time as well. The beach (while not windy) is such an amazing place to sit and read by.