Sunday, July 31, 2011

Under-Cover Sundays (10): Special "In between" edition: Wildefire


Today's under cover book is Wildefire by Karsten Knight. Let's see what suprises await us under the dust jacket this time!

This really doesn't photograph very well. The cover is black with silver writing on the sides. There is no big imprint on the front but the entire hardcover has little tiny imprints that give off a texture. It kind of reminds me of volcano rock. You'll have to trust me on this :) I wonder if this is really what they were going for! Maybe it's just my imagination...

Since the cover didn't photograph well, I decided to share even more of the book with you. It has a gorgeous cover page and break pages (I'm making this up..."break pages" may or may not exist) that look like this:

I'm quite impressed. The dust jacket itself is amazing too. It's made of softness. Wonderful, wonderful softness that I want to hold in my hands every chance I get.

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