Monday, June 27, 2011

Manga for Your Kindle

Are you aware that you can buy manga for your kindle? I wasn't. But it's true. Over a year ago when I purchased my first kindle (the Kindle 2) this wasn't an option. At least it wasn't a feasible option. Searching the internet over the only solution seemed to be downloading scanlations (volumes of manga which have been scanned into the computer and then translated to English by fans) and then manually transferring them to the kindle. Not only did this not feel right to a reader wanting to support the authors whenever possible, trying it out, it just looked real cruddy. To see a whole page the text just wasn't big enough and to zoom in to see the text you could not see the pictures and read the story properly.

Manga creators must have gotten the memo. Fans wanted their work on the kindle and they were going to get it there any way possible. But they could create something that was easier for their fans to read and give them a chance to support these authors. There are now quite a few manga titles availble for purchase on the kindle including the top ten - Caged Slave, Vampire Hunter D. Vol 1, Pathos Vol 1, Kanji De Manga Vol 1, Body Language, Tricky Prince, Endless Rain, Manga Moods, The Outcast Vol 1, I Am An Alien, I have a question 01. (looks like yaoi is quite a popular genre here)

The mangas seem to range in price from $1.00 to $7.99. This is a huge price drop for Canadians who usually spend between $9.99 to $12.99 per volume (some manga series having at least ten volumes). Personally, I am so excited about this new find. Most of the manga availble seem to be new only, but testing it out with a sample, the artwork is incredibly beautiful on my new Kindle 3. The shots are broken up so they are easier to see and a panel of artwork can't be missed. There are only two drawbacks for me 1) that the kindle store does not always list whether or not the manga is a volume and if so which one and 2) that my favourite style of manga (shojo) doesn't seem to be easily searchable - or possibly that there is only one series available that fits into this genre. Luckily there is at least more than one volume of Amazing Agent Luna availble if I choose to read it.

You  can see the full list of manga titles available for the kindle here.

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