Monday, June 20, 2011

An Introduction to Me...


I've decided to be more bloggerly here. I don't really think that's a word, but I'm going to use it anyways. I was comparing this blog to my other book blog which focuses on indie books and authors, and I realised this one still has a long, long way to go. So I have been brain storming over the last week or so and some of the things I've come up with to do I am just in love with. They involve much more of me personally and will hopefully foster a lot more discussion here or at least inspire you somehow (I hope).But before I just jump right into those things, I wanted to write up an introduction. I can't recall doing this when I started the blog. I introduced the blog, but not me. D'oh! So anyways, I'm here to fix that and when you start seeing some new things pop up on the blog, I'm hoping you'll understand better where I'm coming from and why I've decided to post what I have.

An Introduction to Erika:

You already know that my name is Erika. Here's some more general info about me: I am 26 years old, married, and I have a wonderful daughter who is almost 2 years old. I don't work, I stay at home and take care of her and try to give her the best that I can. I have a university degree in social anthropology with a minor in religion & culture. I live in Kitchener, Ontario and am in love with my city (If you haven't heard of Kitchener before, you may have heard of Waterloo which is basically attached to us so it's practically the same city...haven't heard of Waterloo? Take out your Blackberry. It was made here! Don't have a Blackberry? Well, you've at least heard of these little devices, right? No? Just...go google it or something.). After university, I took some courses in Information Management because I wanted to work in a library. I'm still hoping that dream comes true some day, but if not then in something else book related (or file related...I like those too).

Why I read Y.A.:  When I was a little girl I would mostly read non-fiction books. I devoured everything I could get my hands on related to cultural geography, animals, and nature. I even read encyclopedias...for fun! I liked stories but I must admit, I think I used them more as a way to learn to read than for my own enjoyment. When I was a teen I continued this trend. I'd mostly read library books relating to subjects I was interested in rather than novels or stories, even though at the time I actually really loved to write stories. Of course, I picked up fiction every now and again. When I was a pre-teen I loved Joan Lowery Nixon, a young adult mystery author. Gary Paulson was my favourite author because he wrote wilderness survival stories and that was one of the subjects I couldn't get enough of (I'm still bummed I never got to go to survival camp). And I'd always pick up Newberry books (those were for smart people and I was supposedly smart).

When I got a bit older I discovered Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl and Philip Pullman's series The Golden Compass. However, it wasn't until university when two separate courses required us to read novels in order to learn something on the given subject that a whole new world of literature was opened up to me. I started to read as much fiction as I could get my hands on and explore every genre available to me. I quickly discovered one of my favourites was young adult. The stories were always well written, something could be learned from them or inspire me to learn from them, and they were almost always quick reads. At least, comparing them to most of my previous reads they were. My favourite genre - fantasy - was also a lot more accessible to me in young adult format and I was much more likely to pick one up because of that. Ever since I started reading YA, I have not been able to stop myself. They are like comfort food for my brain.

Why I started blogging:
I started to blog in July 2010. It was a way for me to ground myself. As a mother and a wife, I've been told it's so easy to loose yourself to who you are supposed to be to other people and that it is vital for yourself to take time away from everything and do something for you. Originally, reading was this to me. I was so so so weak (extremely aenemic and fatigued) after I had my baby. I couldn't actually physically go anywhere. So I read books and went somewhere else mentally. I read so much but I found myself wanting have all that reading mean something and to know I wasn't just wasting away my days. I wanted to share what I had found with others. That's when I decided to write about books that not a lot of people were talking about, to give more voice to those authors and share my opinion so readers would know if their books were worth picking up or not. A few months later I found myself wanting to share my love of the very popular young adult books I was reading too and that's when One A Day Y.A. was born!

Random stuff about me that may influence the direction of this blog:
(Everything is always book related...somehow!)

I like lists. I can't help myself. It's that non-fiction brain coupled with my need to organize and my library training. Expect more lists! Lots of them.

I love to try out hobbies and crafts and do 'artsy' things. I love to just explore and don't care if something turns out right or not. I just want to know if I can do it. And if it doesn't work if I can try it again and see if  I can do better. But as a side note: it's much better if things do turn out right the first time. Less waste of supplies and time that way :)

I love to think up questions I want to know more about and then find people to answer them for me.

I like to read short stories. Not those really long 20 page stories in compilations, but rather creative writing stuff that's really short. I like poetry and art too.

I am a shutterbug (you've might have noticed that a bit already).

I love my library.

Genealogy is good too. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with this blog yet, just felt like mentioning it :)

I don't think my mail man likes me anymore. He doesn't look too happy when I see him walking towards my mailbox.

I like to find patterns in things where other people might not.

I love decorating things with birds (this doesn't really have to do with anything here either...unless you count my twitter pic).

I have two cats.

I took the hand made pledge

I like lists. Oh wait...I've said that one already.


I love my husband :D

I love my daughter

Can you see the lions? Did I mention my love for animals!?!
Tiny monkeys are one of the best animals in the invention of the universe!

Yep, that's me in a nutshell. A very small one, mind you, but bigger than I thought it was going to be when I started to dig for it.



  1. If you ever need suggestions of YA books to add to your TBR list, give me a tweet shout:)

  2. I love 'meeting' bloggers who are in my area! I'm in London but I visit Kitchener quite a bit because my best friend lives there.

    Genealogy is definitely very cool. My dad is majorly into it, so growing up I think I visited way more cemeteries than is probably healthy for a person. =b

  3. Thank you, darkanddemure!

    Ashley, I love finding out when bloggers live in my area too! My husband's best friend lives in London and comes to visit us every once in a while. I've only been to London a few times, mostly for concerts though...Wow, that's pretty "hard core" to be dragging you around to cemetaries!