Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Captioned! A fun new way for bloggers and authors to guest post!

Captioned! is a fun way for authors and bloggers to make an appearance here on One A Day Y.A. The idea behind Captioned! is showcase how one picture can be interpreted many different ways. This is how we play:

1. Pick one of the six photos below.
2. Give this photo a caption, or a title.
3. Pick any style of creative writing you want, be it short story, poetry, fake newspaper article, fake memories, etc. and write a piece based on the photograph you've chosen. If you are an author why not use this as an opportunity to share a little more about one of your characters. Or you could choose a tiny excerpt from your book which you feel fits with the photo you've chosen!
4. Send me what you've written along with a short bio and picture (make sure to include links and/or photos). I will choose the next available slot for your submission to appear and post it up here for everyone to see.
5. Share what you've written with your friends, readers, fans, what have you's!

Submission rules:

Email for submissions is here. Make sure to state which photo you are captioning somewhere in your email.

The Photos:

All photos are taken from xchng stock photo and are royalty free.


This is an example using the photo from the button at the top of the page. As you might see there is text super-imposed over the camera image. The text is inspired by this photo.

Here is what is says:

The girl slipped out of her bedroom window with her brand new camera firmly tucked in the pocket of her hoodie. It was dark outside but she needed that shot to prove that she could do it. She could be the best photographer in school this year and maybe even snatch the scholarship money so she could leave this place one day.

I'll caption (title) this one, Shoot Me to Life

And if there was more room, I could have written more and finished a little story. I could have written anything and this is just one interpretation of the photo.

Make sense? Why not get started and have a little fun here!?