Sunday, April 10, 2011

Free and Dollar Y.A. Kindle Books for You!

This is something I will try to do whenever I have some extra time or run into a free young adult book. I will post the free books and add in a few dollar books for you to consider as well. They will always be young adult books.

Always consider the following:

1. Any kindle book can change prices at any time. 
Always make sure to check prices before buying.

2. Prices can vary in diffferent countries. 
Make sure you are logged in properly and that your country is selected 
to get the right prices displayed for you.

3. Remember, if you really want a free kindle book but don't 
have a kindle, Amazon offers free apps for your ipod and for your computer.

Freebies found this week:

(This one has been free for a while.) 

(limited time offer)

Dollar Books:





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