Monday, March 14, 2011

Sneak Peek: Hoarding Library Books (IMM & Mailbox Monday)

Since it's the day before I officially "open" my blog and start my "One A Day Y.A. Project" (you'll learn a bit more about what all that is tomorrow) I thought I'd share with you another sneak peek. This time I'm sharing all the library books I've been hoarding from the library the last couple weeks.

Quick overview:


I took some of these out as inspiration for my project posts, some for review, and guest posts, and some for a fun article/post I'm working on. My second time around at the library I brought home a stack of books and my husband kindly informed me I could not possibly read that many books in the amount of time I could keep them from the library. He is right. I am not. But I'd love if you'd share with me which one you think I must read out of all of these (I have read City of Bones already!).

I hope you enjoyed me little teaser/mailbox post. IMM is hosted by The Story Siren and todays Mailbox Monday is hosted by I'm Booking It.

Remember to tell me what book you think I really should get to reading ASAP. And feel free to leave your links if you have an IMM or Mailbox Monday post up.



  1. This is a huge haul of books! enjoy the reads. My Mailbox is also up.

  2. new GFC follower! love the blog and i'm looking forward to reading more of your stuff!

    follow me?!

  3. Wow! I know you'll enjoy your reading :)

  4. My vote is for Shiver! Enjoy all of the wonderful reads!

  5. wow! great books!
    new follower here :-)
    Happy Reading!