Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Official Book Blog Launch



I’m excited to say that I’m finally launching this blog into hyper-space!!!

I hope you all enjoyed the sneak peaks I’ve been giving you over the last couple days. Here’s the more official page where I tell you what’s going on and what I hope to accomplish with The One A Day Y.A. Project.

This project is mostly bred out of three things:
1. My love for books,
2. My love for lists
3. My love for young adult literature

During the remainder of 2011 I plan on:

1. The One A Day Y.A. Project
This is an original project created by me to explore the young adult genre by posting about one book every day. Each week I will pick a theme. Then I will pick YA books that fit into that theme and post the cover/summary. I will also use the book as a launching point to learn new things, participate in memes, and have fun creatively. Each book will be called the Book of the Day (B.O.D for short).

2. Playing with books. This definitely includes lots of photos. And of course - play. With books.

3. Reviewing as many ARCs and 2011 releases as I can for you. Given that I have another book blog, don’t expect me to go crazy with these, but I will try my best to review what I can for you.

4. Share a list of new releases with you on a monthly basis.

5. Sharing my free and cheap kindle finds with you as well as giveaways hosted by other bloggers.

6. Participating in bookish events including Fairy Tale Fortnight, 2011 Debut Author Challenge, and my own Fill in the Gaps YA Challenge (click on the tab above at any time to view my progress).

7. Hosting as many giveaways as I can – so be sure to tell all your friends about the blog – maybe the more followers/visitors I have to the site, the easier it will be to convince authors to donate one of their books in a giveaway.

After 2011:
I may continue the One A Day Y.A. Project (the postings of the Book of the Day) or not depending on my goals for the future. If I continue next year, I may change up how I do the B.O.D.s just to keep it fun and fresh for me. The rest of the blog and reviews will surely stay! It’s a far ways off so I will let my readers know what’s happening when the time comes.

My buttons:
Grab a button for your sidebar! You can find it on this sneak peek: my button page. I will add it to my own sidebar soon so it’s super-easy to find. So far there is only one version for you to grab but I'll be making some more choices for you later on.

Other things you might want to check out:

My other blog, 100 Stars Or Less, where I review indie, small press, and lesser known books.

A monthly event created and hosted by the Book Soulmates blog. What a great idea! Buy a book for a fellow blogger anonymously (or not so anon.). Make your own list and maybe someone will buy a book for you. (In case you are wondering I am on this list).


Check back later today for our first Book of the Day – Steel by Carrie Vaughn.

Be sure to come back March 17th. I will be joining in on the Lucky Leprechaun Hop and offering a giveaway to my early followers – a copy of a march new release– via The Book Depository. ETA: oopsies, I had the wrong book listed up there. I'll just say the generic "new release" for now. Come back to see what I choose!

Recommendations wanted:
Please recommend a young adult book for me to check out. I might just put it in one of my Book of the Day's or read it to review.

Please recommend me great young adult blogs for me to check out.

And a little disclaimer:
I just wanted to let you all know that I joined the affiliates programs for The Book Depository and Amazon. If you see a book I post about that you’d really love to purchase please click through one of the links or one of the sidebar icons. I will receive a small commission (very small). A little goes a long way towards paying for shipping and other giveaway related goodness.

And that's it for now. Lot's of super-secret things are also planned but they wouldn't be secret if I told you now, would they?

So have a great day...and remember to come back this afternoon to see my first Book of the Day!


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